Smart Blockchain

Data like financial transactions (money, shares), hours worked, documents (contracts, insurance policies, evidence), orders, valuable objects (art, cars or car-parts, boats) can be logged irrefutable with blockchain technology. The blockchain can be made accessible throughout the whole (supply) chain. There is one single truth for everyone that can be shared safely between authorized parties. Sharing the authentic data between different parties enables transparency, quick action and handling. The overall handling of a case is more reliable, efficient, faster, cheaper and more customer satisfying.

CognitionConcept combines blockchain technology with dynamic case management and business rules management. This enables organizations to add a new dimension to customer journeys or even to transform their business model for example by enabling peer-to-peer transactions.

Contracts to verify the data to be logged against agreed terms can be defined by using smart contracts. More complex decisions (record data transcending) can also be stored in a blockchain. Think of input data, data determined by an algorithm, interpretation choices and the final decision taken. As a result a new way of working for (regulatory) compliance processes can be enabled.

Complex decisions, complex data validation, data enrichment, etc. can all be provided as a smart contract service to be used in combination with a blockchain. Next to all relevant data used by the smart contract service, a hashed version of the business logic of the smart contract service can also be stored in a blockchain. As a result the immutability and the trust in smart contract services are guaranteed as well.