CognitionConcept has a unique and proven vision of how to design and realize your future mode of operation. Our aim is to successfully implement your knowledge intensive applications to support your complex business processes in order to achieve competitive advantage and satisfied customers at speeds that keeps your applications and your business opportunities in sync. To realize this ambition we have centralized two terms in our approach: Cognition and Concept.


Cognition is the mental process of acquiring and understanding knowledge through thought, experience and the senses. The concept of cognition is closely related to such abstract concepts as mind, reasoning, perception, intelligence, learning, and many others that describe numerous capabilities of human mind.


Concepts are taking care of structure. A structure to capture the knowledge of an organization in a way that it is maintainable, adjustable, extensible and applicable by business users. A structure that helps to visualize the situation for the business user for a better understanding. A structure that is experienced as easier, more natural, more like the human brain works.

In our more and more complex society, the challenge of employees and customers is to take the correct decisions in their specific situation (context) taking into account all the possibilities and all the rules we have to comply with these days. Concepts provide the structure to capture this knowledge and make it available to the users of the applications in their own context (in their own specific situation).

Rules centric Business architecture

All the knowledge can be seen as the collection of the business rules of an organization. CognitionConcept organizes these business rules in a Rules (knowledge) centric Business architecture which is stable, easy extensible and well maintainable; a part of the IT-Design process that mostly is forgotten.