CognitionConcept is a Dutch company with its main focus in the areas of finance, public sector, compliance and retail. The company has a broad and relevant experience both in the Dutch and USA-market.

CognitionConcept specializes in supporting complex business processes where dynamic process management and business rules management (regelbeheersing) play an important role. Based on our broad experience in this field CognitionConcept created a unique and proven vision of how to design and implement the future mode of operation of your organization. By capturing the business rules that govern the business processes and the products of an organization and making them available in applications, CognitionConcept creates knowledge intensive applications that support both customer and employee in executing their tasks each from their own point of view in an ever changing world.

In the past years CognitionConcept successfully implemented knowledge intensive applications for organizations, large and small, to support various complex business processes. These solutions created competitive advantages for our customers in a short time-to-market.

The implemented solutions are based on integrated modern technologies such as dynamic case management (DCM), business rules management (BRM), web portals for mobile applications and blockchain services, founded on a robust service-oriented solution architecture that offers flexibility and adaptability by aligning it with the business architecture of the organization. While defining the solution architecture integrating the existing IT-landscape in an evolutionary way, is always an important topic.